I really wanted to get him the fourth ring:

Ky Carlin: Daryl Morey: “We think we got better tonight. I want to thank Danny Green. I really wanted to get him the 4th ring. ” #Sixers:
Source: Twitter @Ky_Carlin:

What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Derek Bodner: @DerekBodnerNBA:
Daryl Morey on the draft: “If we can get a perimeter defender, maybe for a draft pick, we’d feel really good about that.”
NOTE: Morey is not allowed to comment on the trade now, as the deal is not yet official, so this is an “interesting” (but not interesting) post draft presser. – 1:22 AM:

Emiliano Carchia: @Sports:
76ers acquire De’Anthony Melton from Grizzlies for David Roddy and Danny Green sportando.basketball/en/76ers-acqui… – 1:22 AM:

Noah Levick: @NoahLevick:
Daryl Morey: “We feel like we got better tonight.” Morey thanked Danny Green, said he wishes he could’ve gotten Green his fourth title.
Morey’s unable to talk about the De’Anthony Melton deal (not yet official), is doing some tongue-in-cheek attempting to dance around that. – 1:20 AM:

Kyle Neubeck: @KyleNeubeck:
Daryl Morey opens his post-draft availability thanking Danny Green, saying he’s disappointed he couldn’t get him his fourth ring. Then realizes he can not talk about anything, re: Melton, sticks to “We got better tonight” – 1:19 AM:

Austin Krell: @NBAKrell:
“We’re excited about the possibility of some trades coming. We’re thinking we might be able to pick up some rotation piece. ” – Daryl Morey – 1:18 AM:

Ky Carlin: @Ky_Carlin:
Daryl Morey: “We think we got better tonight. I want to thank Danny Green. I really wanted to get him the 4th ring. ” #Sixers:1:17 AM:

Keith Pompey: @PompeyOnSixers:
#ICYMI: #Sixers: trade No. 23 pick and Danny Green for: #Grizzlies:‘De’Anthony Melton at NBA draft inquirer.com/sixers/sixers-… via @phillyinquirer – 1:16 AM:

Keith Pompey: @PompeyOnSixers:
The: #Sixers:‘acquisition of De’Anthony Melton is sort of reunion with Daryl Morey. As the: #Rockets: GM, Morey selected the guard with the 46th overall pick on the 2018 NBA draft (June 21, 2018). His Houston tenure was short lived. Morey traded him to PHX on Aug. 31, 2018. #NBA:12:30 AM:

Ky Carlin: @Ky_Carlin:
Danny Green posts his goodbye #Sixers: pic.twitter.com/2cy8BRRxrQ:12:14 AM:

Michael Wallace: @MyMikeCheck:
With: @Memphis Grizzlies: 2022 draft work on verge of being done, they’ve added 3 wings (LaRavia, Roddy, Williams) and a backup PG (Chandler). The night also included a proposed trade to send Melton to Philly for Danny Green. All in a productive night’s work for this squad. – 12:09 AM:

Ryan McDonough: @McDNBA:
Daryl Morey has now been involved involved in two Melton trades:
Tonight – from Memphis for Danny Green and # 23:
2018 – to Phoenix (with Ryan Anderson) for Brandon Knight and Marquese Chriss:
League sources say the Suns exec in that deal was ‘brilliant + devastatingly handsome’ pic.twitter.com/8cyAGgakAs:10:39 PM:

Mark Giannotto: @mgiannotto:
Dwight Howard, Rajon Rondo, Patrick Beverley, Kyle Korver, Andre Iguodala, maybe Danny Green… I’m sure I’m forgetting some others from Zach Kleiman’s salary dump graveyard of recognizable names acquired by the Grizzlies that never played for the Grizzlies the past few years. – 10:37 PM:

Tom Moore: @TomMoorePhilly:
#NBA story: The #Sixers trade No. 23 pick and Danny Green for guard De’Anthony Melton from #Grizzlies: https://t.co/ezB06Isndk # 76ers: pic.twitter.com/k1f7XzV4VC:10:27 PM:

Mark Deeks: @MarkDeeksNBA:
Don’t be swayed by the Danny Green inclusion. He’s going to miss most of the season and is heavily diminished, it’s name recognition and salary filler rather than an impactful inclusion. There’s a chance of a post-35 second wind but little to suggest it’s forthcoming. – 10:26 PM:

The Vertical: @YahooSportsNBA:
The 76ers are trading Danny Green and No. 23 pick David Roddy to the Grizzlies for De’Anthony Melton, per: @Shams Charania:. pic.twitter.com/3gJrrKlfi5:10:25 PM:

Ky Carlin: @Ky_Carlin:
Your quick newser on Philadelphia acquiring De’Anthony Melton from the Grizzlies for Danny Green and the No. 23 pick: #Sixers: sixerswire.usatoday.com/2022/06/23/six… via: @SixersWire:10:25 PM:

Chris Herrington: @ChrisHerrington:
Danny Green tore two ligaments in the playoffs. He’s in this deal for contract-matching. – 10:24 PM:

Noah Levick: @NoahLevick:
Sixers acquiring De’Anthony Melton in exchange for No. 23 pick (David Roddy) and Danny Green – confirming: @Adrian Wojnarowski:.
Daryl Morey added Green on his first draft night with the Sixers, trades him away in deal for the 24-year-old Melton two years later. – 10:23 PM:

John Hollinger: @johnhollinger:
Sixers need to send an outbound salary to Memphis, which I’m guessing would be Danny Green? Would have to guarantee it, though, unless other shenanigans are in the works. – 10:21 PM:

Zach Kram: @zachkram:
RAPM is a stat that measures a player’s overall on-court impact, adjusting for teammates and opponents.
De’Anthony Melton ranks 21st in the entire NBA over the last 3 seasons.
Of course Daryl Morey would want a player that advanced stats have always loved. – 10:21 PM:

Keith Pompey: @PompeyOnSixers:
Sixers sending No. 23 pick David Roddy and Danny Green to Memphis for De’Anthony Melton, according to sources. – 10:20 PM:

Derek Bodner: @DerekBodnerNBA:
Adding in Melton’s contract ($ 8.25m this year, $ 8m next year) in place of Green’s non-gtd deal makes using the nontaxpayer MLE virtually impossible. Which is a fine tradeoff, but worth pointing out.
It also means Danny Green gets his $, which is nice to see after the injury. – 10:20 PM:

Rob Perez: @WorldWideWob:
Danny Green. – 10:19 PM:

Rich Hoffman: @rich_hofmann:
Sixers sending Danny Green and 23 for De’Anthony Melton, per source. – 10:19 PM:

Jake Fischer: @JakeLFischer:
Danny Green is headed to Memphis, per source. – 10:18 PM:

Kyle Neubeck: @KyleNeubeck:
Danny Green and 23 for Melton, source says – 10:18 PM:

Jon Johnson: @jonjohnsonwip:
If you like drama, conspiracy theories, occasional disappearances, but one hell of a guard, Kyrie Irving is for you. Let’s check in with Daryl Morey. – 4:22 PM:

Ky Carlin: @Ky_Carlin:
I teamed up with: @Yossi Gozlan: to come up with 5 trades Philly can make to move Danny Green and the No. 23 pick in tonight’s draft: #Sixers: sixerswire.usatoday.com/lists/5-trades… via: @SixersWire:1:38 PM:

More on this storyline:

Danny Green: PHILLY… THANK YOU !!! It’s been real To my brothers, we will always be family… the organization, coaching staff, medical staff, front office and owners I’ll always appreciate you and everything you’ve done for me… .LOVE -via Twitter @ DGreen_14: / June 24, 2022:

Shams Charania: Sources: 76ers moved Danny Green and No. 23 to Memphis as part of trade to acquire Melton. -via: Twitter @ShamsCharania: / June 23, 2022:

The least interest in Tucker appears to be real. The financials do get a bit complicated when you consider the Sixers’ cap situation and the fact that Tucker is reportedly opting out of his $ 7.35 million player option with the Heat for the 2022-23 season. The notion that the Sixers could move Thybulle and / or Green just to create space to sign Tucker is not the case, per a source. The team still views Thybulle as a player with value, and, as Kyle Neubeck of The PhillyVoice has previously reported, they will not be looking to give away the two-time All-Defensive Team player. -via LibertyBallers.com / June 23, 2022:

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