Jason Kidd compares Luka Doncic to Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and LeBron James:

Dalton Johnson: Jason Kidd compares Luka’s shooting to Larry Bird, his smile to Magic Johnson and says LeBron is the current player who he compares to the best Says the thing the others have in common is their ability to win, and he believes Luka can be there with them
Source: Twitter @MarcJSpears:

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Kerith Burke: @KerithBurke:
Regarding the Mavs playing at a slow pace, Jason Kidd said “We do not want this to be a track meet.” He said the Warriors will try to push them in transition. “Both teams will be fighting to see what speed we’re gonna play tonight.” – 7:46 PM:

Vincent Goodwill: @VinceGoodwill:
Jason Kidd on the Warriors’ pace: “We do not want this to be a track meet. We want to play at our pace and hopefully they’ll join us. ” – 7:43 PM:

Melissa Rohlin: @melissarohlin:
Jason Kidd said he learned a lot as an assistant coach under Frank Vogel during the Lakers’ championship run in 2020. – 7:42 PM:

Melissa Rohlin: @melissarohlin:
When Jason Kidd was asked who Luka Doncic reminds him of, he mentioned a few players, including LeBron James.
“Just does not jump as high as LeBron.” – 7:39 PM:

Marc J. Spears: @MarcJSpears:
Jason Kidd says Luka is a combination of Bird, Magic and LeBron (though not athletically). – 7:38 PM:

Brad Townsend: @townbrad:
Jason Kidd on the $ 50K “bench decorum” fine:
“Who complained? It was a blowout. ” pic.twitter.com/uvaz0IfGlD:7:36 PM:

Melissa Rohlin: @melissarohlin:
Jason Kidd isn’t quite sure what the Mavs did wrong to get fined.
He also questioned who complained considering the Mavs’ win was so lopsided. pic.twitter.com/RGMabniiZK:7:36 PM:

Tim MacMahon: @espn_macmahon:
Jason Kidd on $ 50K fine for bench decorum violations: “I know about the fine. Just trying to figure out what we did wrong to get the fine. We’ll see tomorrow why we got the fine. Then And then who complained? It was a blowout, so I do not think the fans complained. ” – 7:35 PM:

Mark Haynes: @markhaynesnba:
Steve Kerr says Jonathan Kuminga is an option to defend Luka Doncic.
“It’s definitely a possibility that JK will be on him.” – 7:23 PM:

Brad Townsend: @townbrad:
“Gary’s absence is a big deal in this series,” Kerr says of Gary Payton Jr. “Because he spent a lot of time guarding Doncic.” – 7:22 PM:

Connor Letourneau: @Con_Chron:
Steve Kerr on Gary Payton II still being out: Gary’s absence is a big deal in this series. … He spent a lot of time guarding Doncic in the regular season. That’s one fewer option. ” – 7:21 PM:

Ryan Blackburn: @NBABlackburn:
I remember the top 75 greatest peaks series this past off-season that: @JoshEberley: brought about. Anthony Davis ranked 36th, Nikola Jokić ranked 36th. Luka Doncic ranked 37th.
I wonder how high Jokić and Doncic would rise with this year in mind.
sportingnews.com/us/nba/news/nb… – 7:03 PM:

Dwain Price: @DwainPrice:
When Luka drills a couple of 3s, and gives you that menacing look, I would hate to be the defender trying to slow him down. – 4:35 PM:

Duane Rankin: @DuaneRankin:
Luka Doncic with Devin Booker and Donovan Mitchell?
Thoughts? @Clutch Points: @NBAMemes: pic.twitter.com/ns2fx5LroW:4:32 PM:

StatMuse: @status:
Out of the remaining players in the playoffs, Luka Doncic is top 2 in PPG, RPG, APG, and SPG. pic.twitter.com/n5kxWquJvw:3:57 PM:

Donatas Urbonas: @Urbodo:
Fabien Causeur, a former roommate of Luka Doncic, recalls the night before 2018 EuroLeague final:
“It was 2:00 at night & I could not sleep. But Luka was snoring on the side like there was no pressure at all. For him, it was just another game. The kid was special, I’m telling you “- 3:53 PM:

Bill Herenda: @billherenda:
Joining: @StanfordVoice: on: @KNBR: at 1/2 time of: #Warriors: vs #Mavs tonight Steve Clifford, erstwhile #Magic coach, current #Nets consultant in depth on #LukaDoncic at 2:50 mark from last season #MFFL #NBA #NBAPlayoffs #DubNation youtu.be/lEIZLWly7_0 – 3:00 PM:

Haralabos Voulgaris: @haralabob:
Assuming GSW goes to the same lineup they went with for G6 vs Grizz – who do we think guards who for the Mavs?
Kind of interesting to think about who Jalen and who Luka will be tasked to guard. – 2:47 PM:

Tommy Beer: @TommyBeer:
It’s Luka’s world… we just happen to be here: pic.twitter.com/7sYV6KXs2K:2:46 PM:

Brady Hawk: @BradyHawk305:
Three point shooting in the playoffs:
Steph Curry- 35.9%
Luka Doncic- 34.7%
Jimmy Butler- 34.8%
Volumes are clearly different, but still hilarious lol – 1:29 PM:

Kamenetzky Brothers: @KamBrothers:
Wednesday’s: @LockedOnLakers: podcast! We discuss fan reactions to (our) AD trade ideas and reports of coaching candidates being asked about Russ, plus LeBron’s Twitter Q&A! #FirstListen: @LockedOnNetwork: @LockedOnNBAPods:
Subscribe. Rate. Enjoy. Thanks.
podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lis… – 12:56 PM:

Joe Vardon: @joevardon:
Jayson Tatum was a baby by NBA standards when LeBron James terrorized his Celtics in the Eastern finals. As Tatum comes of age as an MVP candidate, he’s met a new nightmare: Jimmy Butler. Final Thoughts from Game 1,@The Athletic:theathletic.com/3318511/2022/0… – 11:54 AM:

Callie Caplan: @CallieCaplan:
Is Luka Doncic unguardable?
The Suns and the Jazz probably think so.
Experts do, too.
Analyzing how the Warriors’ defense now faces a pick-your-poison test vs. the Mavs’ star with the NBA Finals on the line: dallasnews.com/sports/maveric… – 11:34 AM:

GeorgeZakkas: @ZakkasGeorge:
Vasilije #Micic: “My favorite EuroLeague player of all time was Dejan Bodiroga, Dimitris Diamantidis and I can honestly say Luka Doncic.” (via @EuroLeague) # F4GLORY: pic.twitter.com/XPFyRJawTz:11:22 AM:

Tommy Beer: @TommyBeer:
Over each player’s first 23 playoff games,
Luka Doncic is averaging:
* more assists than Steph Curry, Walt Frazier or Dame Lillard:
* more rebounds than Giannis, Kevin Durant, or LeBron:
* more 3PT’s than Ray Allen, Trae Young, Klay Thompson or Kyrie Irving:
https://t.co/oTZT6yXZ82: pic.twitter.com/4FCEf8ovid:9:27 AM:

Tommy Beer: @TommyBeer:
Most 40-point playoff games over the past three years:
1 .Giannis Antetokounmpo: 7:
2. Luka Doncic: 6:
3. Jimmy Butler: 5 – 9:22 AM:

Justin Kubatko: @jkubatko:
Jayson Tatum last night:
✅ 29 PTS:
✅ 8 REB:
A 6 AST:
✅ 4 STL:
It’s the 40th time Tatum has scored at least 20 points in a playoff game.
He’s the fifth player in NBA history to reach that mark before his 25th birthday (Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Dwyane Wade). pic.twitter.com/8dBBYz88kh:9:21 AM:

Brad Townsend: @townbrad:
From: @Callie Caplan::
Is Luka Doncic unguardable? Warriors’ defense faces pick-your-poison test vs. Mavs’ star dallasnews.com/sports/maveric… – 9:15 AM:

Justin Kubatko: @jkubatko:
Jimmy Butler did it all last night:
✅ 41 PTS:
✅ 9 REB:
✅ 5 AST:
✅ 4 STL:
✅ 3 BLK:
Since the NBA started recording steals and blocks in 1973-74, Butler is just the third player to record at least 40p / 5r / 5a / 3s / 3b in a playoff game. He joins LeBron James (2x) and Elvin Hayes. pic.twitter.com/C6MPfigFP6:9:01 AM:

Donatas Urbonas: @Urbodo:
Pablo Laso on Luka Doncic:
“Probably the best thing that he has as a person and as a player is that he’s able to adjust to any situation. That’s something you have as a person. And Luke has it. ” – 8:30 AM:

Micah Adams: @MicahAdams13:
Jimmy Butler is having an all-time postseason.
LeBron. Jordan. Kawhi.
The only players in modern NBA history with a higher BPM than 2022 Playoff Jimmy. pic.twitter.com/OUlOtVX5Cr:7:56 AM:

StatMuse: @status:
40/5/5 playoff games in Heat history:
3 – Jimmy Butler:
2 – LeBron James:
2 – Dwyane Wade: pic.twitter.com/lAXoWp0MLV:11:23 PM:

Ryan McDonough: @McDNBA:
Giannis, Luka and Tatum have been terrific in the 2022 Playoffs:
But no one has played better than Jimmy Butler – 11:23 PM:

Brad Townsend: @townbrad:
Hometown Kidd: Mavs’ Jason Kidd returns home all grown up, with the same winning mindset dallasnews.com/sports/maveric… – 10:42 PM:

Nick Wright: @getnickwright:
Theis did the LeBron on Splitter block! – 10:34 PM:

CJ Holmes: @CjHolmes22:
What’s the Warriors’ plan to slow down Luka Doncic? You’ll just have to wait and see.
https://t.co/lmDX3aFrTC: pic.twitter.com/njmeG7xX5K:8:57 PM:

Brian Mahoney: @briancmahoney:
Good thing for the Kings there’s no Luka to pass on in this draft. – 8:21 PM:

Connor Letourneau: @Con_Chron:
I wrote on the Luka Doncic-Stephen Curry dynamic, which won’t just define the Western Conference finals – it could define the NBA for years to come: sfchronicle.com/sports/warrior… – 8:03 PM:

More on this storyline:

Callie Caplan: Steve Kerr, before Game 1, on whether Jonathan Kuminga could get time defending Luka Doncic: “I’m not sure Doncic has much trouble with anybody out there, honestly,” -via: Twitter @CallieCaplan: / May 18, 2022:

Connor Letourneau: Steve Kerr: “I’m really pleased with the progress we’ve made in the playoffs. … It took us all year to get to the point where we could play some of these lineups. ” -via: Twitter @Con_Chron: / May 18, 2022:

Melissa Rohlin: Steve Kerr said his main memory of competing against Jason Kidd was when they played against each other in the 03 NBA Finals. He then corrected himself. “I was watching for the most part. He was playing. ” -via: Twitter @melissarohlin: / May 18, 2022:

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