Luka Doncic ‘good to go’ despite reported illness:

A source told The Dallas Morning News on Friday afternoon that Luka Doncic is “good to go” despite the comments from TNT play-by-play broadcaster Kevin Harlan after Doncic’s Game 1 struggles on Wednesday night. Doncic, like the rest of his team, endured a poor shooting performance in the Western Conference finals opener. He scored 20 points and shot 33.3% from the floor, his lowest marks this postseason.
Source: Callie Caplan @ Dallas Morning News:

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Brad Townsend: @townbrad:
From: @Callie Caplan::
Source: Luka Doncic is ‘good to go’ for Mavs-Warriors Game 2 despite reported sickness… – 2:51 PM:

Callie Caplan: @CallieCaplan:
Source: Luka Doncic is ‘good to go’ for Mavs-Warriors Game 2 despite reported sickness… – 2:47 PM:

Zach Kram: @zachkram:
Nobody has ever won an NBA title with Luka Doncic’s usage rate. What is the history of high-usage stars in the playoffs, and can the Mavericks star break the mold?… – 1:21 PM:

Tim Cato: @tim_cato:
Slovenia’s obsession with Luka Doncic is growing ever larger these playoffs. even grandmas are waking up in the middle of the night to watch him.
i talked to Slovenians about the country pride in a superstar very much their own:… – 1:07 PM:

Justin Kubatko: @jkubatko:
This On this day in 1995, the: @Phoenix Suns: Kevin Johnson had 46 points and 10 assists in a Game 7 loss to the Rockets in the conference semis.
Johnson is one of 10 players in NBA history to record at least 45p / 10a in a playoff game, and one of only two to do so in a Game 7 (Luka Doncic). PM:

Tom Haberstroh: @tomhaberstroh:
I’m convinced that Luka Doncic is the Undertaker meme.
Luka is 21-5 after a loss this season and a ridiculous 20-6-0 against the spread, by far the best among NBA stars.
DAL + 6 and +210 ML at @DKSportsbook: PM:

Kevin O’Connor: @KevinOConnorNBA:
New: @Zach Kram: on Luka and high usage stars in the playoffs:… – 10:56 AM:

Bill Simmons: @BillSimmons:
New BS Podcast!
—Boston’s big revenge, Smart vs. Superstar Jimmy, GSW vs Luka and the WTF Suns w / @Haralabos Voulgaris:
—I called: @ jacko2323: to jinx the red-hot Yankees (it worked)
—An NFL schedule deep dive + a possible holy shit 2022 sleeper w / @SharpFootball:… – 1:02 AM:

Brad Townsend: @townbrad:
How Mavs star Luka Doncic reminds Warriors of 2018 West finals matchup vs. James Harden… – 10:22 PM:

Dave McMenamin: @mcten:
New video: My @sportscenter report from Game 1 of the Western Conference finals, where Luka Doncic had a rude awakening thanks to Andrew Wiggins and the Warriors defense. PM:

Henry Abbott: @TrueHoop:
The Luka Rules… – 5:42 PM:

Christos Tsaltas: @Tsaltas46:
Luka Doncic watched the Euroleague semifinal Barcelona-Real Madrid in the Bay Area. That was his reaction after Real’s victory. # F4GLORY #dALLasIN: PM:

Chris Biderman: @TheWarriorsWire:
Jay Williams calls out Luka Doncic over his defensive effort vs. the Warriors.… – 4:21 PM:

Callie Caplan: @CallieCaplan:
More than a half-hour after Mavs’ practice ended, Luka Doncic is still locked into watching Real Madrid in the EuroLeague final four. PM:

Eurohoops: @Eurohoopsnet:
Old habits die hard for Luka Doncic # F4Glory: PM:

Tommy Beer: @TommyBeer:
Dude really said: “I’m incredibly worried about Luka Doncic and y’all should be too”
The good part about these shows is they are never prisoners of the moment: PM:

Omari Sanfoka II: @omarisankofa:
Keegan Murray on his former teammate Luka Garza: “He’s been a key influence on me.” Murray’s dad is from Battle Creek. PM:

More on this storyline:

Harlan, who will do play-by-play for broadcast throughout this series, said an illness may have compounded Doncic’s issues. “I hear he’s sick today,” Harlan told KNBR’s Greg Papa and John Lund on Thursday (via NBC Sports). “I guess he was up most of the night and ill. I’ve heard it now from two different people, so I’m assuming it’s probably true. ” -via Dallas Morning News / May 20, 2022:

Vincent Goodwill: Looks like Luka Doncic’s left thigh is wrapped up before Mavericks practice begins. He started limping a bit in the second half -via: Twitter @VinceGoodwill: / May 3, 2022:

Brad Townsend: Kidd says Doncic and Kleber are fine. Doncic wrap is in fact due to the knee he took in the thigh from McGee. -via: Twitter @townbrad: / May 3, 2022:

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