Suns do not consider Deandre Ayton a max player:

Woj reports that the Suns are now looking to do a sign-and-trade deal for Ayton as opposed to letting him walk away as a free agent: “They’re very motivated to find a sign-and-trade, get some assets back for him,” Woj said. “They do not value Deandre Ayton at a max contract.”
Source: Paolo Songco @ Clutch Points:

What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Ben Anderson: @BensHoops:
The PDX-Det trade seems like it will inevitably make Phoenix worse because of the overpay him or lose him scenario with Ayton.
But, Portland is the king of trades I love on face value that never make them better.
And, Detroit got bad value in return for Grant.
Lose-Lose-Lose – 1:01 AM:

Duane Rankin: @DuaneRankin:
‘That’s my guy. ” Mikal Bridges on Deandre Ayton. #Suns:… – 12:54 AM:

Alex Kennedy: @AlexKennedyNBA:
Has Deandre Ayton played his final game with the Phoenix Suns? We’re discussing that now:…11:30 PM:

Duane Rankin: @DuaneRankin:
“Of course, that’s my guy. That’s my best friend. Definitely do not want him going anywhere else. ”
Mikal Bridges on Deandre Ayton. #Suns:10:43 PM:

James Edwards III: @JLEdwardsIII:
Pistons, if they want, could make Phoenix and Portland REALLY sweat for Ayton and Simons, both of whom are restricted free agents. Options. – 10:36 PM:

Jason Calmes: @BourbonStShots:
Earlier this summer, I was annoying all kinds of group threads with hypothetical Ayton to NOLA scenarios. At this point I’m out. If you can not make it work with Monty Williams, it’s hard for me to believe another culture will magically make it work. -MP – 10:12 PM:

Duane Rankin: @DuaneRankin:
Just FYI: Deandre Ayton isn’t here. #Suns:9:36 PM:

Rich Hoffman: @rich_hofmann:
As an outsider, kinda like the Detroit-Portland swap for both teams?
If you’re gonna still build around Dame (which is more questionable), you do it with big, athletic wings. And Cade-Ayton pick-and-roll would be fun, if they could actually get him. – 9:03 PM:

Duane Rankin: @DuaneRankin:
Control what you can control. ” Chris Paul on Deandre Ayton situation.
We’ve actually seen Chris Paul, Torrey Craig, Cam Johnson, Cameron Payne, Mikal Bridges and JaVale McGee.
So we have not seen Devin Booker, Ish Wainright, Iffe Lundberg or Landry Shamet. #Suns:8:45 PM:

Gerald Bourguet: @GeraldBourguet:
JaVale McGee said he did watch the Western Conference Finals, but joked “one single tear” rolled down his cheek while watching.
As for Deandre Ayton, McGee said DA has gotta do what’s best for him and his family: PM:

Sean Deveney: @SeanDeveney:
Once the Pistons use their $ 50 million in cap space to land DeAndre Ayton, all this will make sense. – 8:10 PM:

Gerald Bourguet: @GeraldBourguet:
Cam Johnson and Cam Payne. Johnson echoed Mikal saying Deandre Ayton is their guy and the Suns want him back as they build something special.
As far as Cam’s possible extension, he’s letting the process work itself out. Said the first thing on the agenda is DA’s situation: PM:

Kellan Olson: @KellanOlson:
Mikal Bridges said he of course wants Deandre Ayton to stay in Phoenix. When they’ve been talking and hanging out, Ayton’s RFA status / basketball things don’t come up. Called DA his best friend. – 7:52 PM:

Gerald Bourguet: @GeraldBourguet:
Mikal Bridges said he can’t really control anything, so he does not pay too much attention to the negativity or talk about free agency with Deandre Ayton, but he obviously wants him back. “Of course. That’s my guy. That’s my best friend. ” PM:

Mark Deeks: @MarkDeeksNBA:
Jaden Ivey:
Cunningham Street:
Deandre Ayton:
Saddiq Bey:
Hamidou Diallo:
Saben Lee:
Isaiah Stewart:
Killian Hayes (it may increasingly be a one-man fan club but dammit we’re still open for business)
+ a few extras TBD:
… .OK, I’m listening. – 6:50 PM:

David Hardisty: @clutchfans:
The Pistons getting Cade Cunningham, Jaden Ivey and DeAndre Ayton together would be quite interesting. Sacramento really should be shopping that 4th pick hard if they’re not taking Ivey. – 6:49 PM:

Eric Koreen: @ekoreen:
Gotta think the Pistons are gonna take a run at one of the big three restricted guys: Ayton, Bridges or Brunson – 6:31 PM:

Dave Early: @DavidEarly:
Lot changed since Mar. (Ayton, etc.) but had: @Jake Fischer: on pod & he predicted we could be talking more about #Pistons than people expect w / a possible Jerami Grant deal kicking things off. Mentioned them as potential Jalen Brunson suitors too. PM:

Tommy Beer: @TommyBeer:
The Pistons now looking at over $ 55 million in cap space this summer… so the winner of the Portland-Detroit trade may be DeAndre Ayton and / or Miles Brides – as the Pistons can now an extend max offer sheets – 6:16 PM:

Ky Carlin: @Ky_Carlin:
I feel like the Pistons are positioning themselves for free agency. I wonder if they have DeAndre Ayton in their sights. – 6:16 PM:

Sam Quinn: @SamQuinnCBS:
Maybe the Pistons have some very specific plans for the cap space they just created? That’s the only explanation I can think of for the Grant deal. Maybe they’re hoping this knocks Portland out of the Ayton race? – 6:08 PM:

Dave Mason: @DeuceMason:
Pistons must be aiming for Ayton by clearing all this room. LETS GET WILD. – 6:04 PM:

Chris Herrington: @ChrisHerrington:
If they’re sending out Grant without taking back salary could set up an Ayton offer sheet? – 6:00 PM:

Ric Bucher: @RicBucher:
What’s next for Warriors’ core, Kyrie Irving, Deandre Ayton and others… – 3:57 PM:

Micah Adams: @MicahAdams13:
Starting centers on NBA champs:
Kevon Looney: $ 5.2M:
Brook Lopez: $ 12.7M:
Dwight Howard: $ 2.6M:
Marc Gasol: $ 24.1M:
JaVale McGee: $ 1.5M:
Tristan Thompson: $ 14.3M:
Andrew Bogut: $ 12.9M:
Tiago Splitter: $ 10.0M:
Avg salary: $ 9.3M:
Keep that in mind when chatting Ayton max or Gobert trade. – 11:22 AM:

More on this storyline:

But even before Grant was moved to Portland, Suns officials had started messaging to rival teams and other external league personnel that Phoenix would not necessarily balk at matching any offer sheet for Ayton, sources told B / R. With no obvious sign-and-trade piece to send back to the Suns, it’s unclear whether Detroit will have an unencumbered pursuit of Ayton on the restricted free-agent market. -via Bleacher Report / June 23, 2022:

Gerald Bourguet: Chris Paul on what Deandre Ayton’s approach should be this summer: “Control what you can control… .It’s a good problem to have, if it is a problem.” When asked about the COVID report, Paul deflected, saying “I ain’t seen none of that, I’m here now” and “They beat us, we lost.” -via: Twitter @GeraldBourguet: / June 22, 2022:

Kellan Olson: Chris Paul said he’s going to control what he can control when it comes to Deandre Ayton’s free agency. “It’s a good problem to have, if it is a problem. For me, during all those stressful situations and whatnot, going to try to spend as much time with my family as possible. ” -via: Twitter @KellanOlson: / June 22, 2022:

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