Suns GM believes Deandre Ayton will be back:

Jones told Burns & Gambo on Wednesday that he believes Deandre Ayton will be back with the Suns next season. “Deandre had an amazing season and he’s progressed every year and improved every year,” the GM said. “He’s been here and so he’s a big part of what we do. His future with us is something we will address at the proper time which is in the future. He’s a free agent and I’ve said all along, he’s about the same things we’re about which is winning. We’ll address it at the proper time. ”
Source: Arizona’s Sports Page:

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Duane Rankin: @DuaneRankin:
‘Give this kid what he wants’: Shaquille O’Neal in favor of Phoenix #Suns keeping Deandre Ayton (w / videos) # NBAPlayoffs2022 via @azcentral PM:

Duane Rankin: @DuaneRankin:
Phoenix: #Suns: GM James Jones addresses all things Deandre Ayton… via: @azcentral:7:31 PM:

Gerald Bourguet: @GeraldBourguet:
James Jones’ full response when asked about Deandre Ayton’s season and his future with the Suns as a restricted free agent: PM:

Duane Rankin: @DuaneRankin:
“We want to continue to keep our consistency and continuity and keep the guys that we have.” #Suns: GM James Jones when asked about Deandre Ayton’s future with team. – 5:39 PM:

Kellan Olson: @KellanOlson:
James Jones said the Suns want to continue to maintain their consistency and continuity when it comes to Deandre Ayton’s future. They will address his free agency at the proper time. – 5:35 PM:

Gerald Bourguet: @GeraldBourguet:
“Deandre had a great season.”
Said Deandre Ayton improved and put in the hard work. As for his restricted free agency?
“We’ll address them at the proper time, but we want to continue to maintain our consistency, our continuity” – 5:32 PM:

Duane Rankin: @DuaneRankin:
Recent #Suns clips:
JJ Redick, Pat Beverley on Deandre Ayton
5 takeaways Game 7
Who should #Suns move?
Chris Paul ‘not retiring’
Devin Booker ‘wrong timing’ PM:

Gerald Bourguet: @GeraldBourguet:
On today’s @PHNX_Suns podcast, we talked all about Deandre Ayton and his current situation with the Suns
Listen / subscribe: PM:

Dan Favale: @danfavale:
i wonder if the pistons sliding past the three primary bigs in the draft lead them to an aggressive deandre ayton pursuit – 8:47 PM:

Duane Rankin: @DuaneRankin:
#Suns Playoff Pulse: Game 7 flop, Deandre Ayton’s future and Robert Sarver investigation via @azcentral PM:

Gerald Bourguet: @GeraldBourguet:
Deandre Ayton’s future in Phoenix is ​​murky, and whatever the Suns decide, they have to get this one right – via @PHNX_Suns PM:

Keith Smith: @KeithSmithNBA:
New: @FrontOfficeShow: is up! @Trevor_Lane: and I talk about the NBA Draft Lottery, all things Ayton, Favors opting in, Hornets and Lakers coach searches and we break down and predict the conference finals. Watch, like and subscribe below. 18K on the way! – 7:49 PM:

Duane Rankin: @DuaneRankin:
#Suns: Playoff Pulse: Game 7 flop, Deandre Ayton’s future and Robert Sarver investigation (w / video) #NBAPlayoffs:2022: #NBAPlayoffs:… via: @azcentral:7:21 PM:

Anthony Puccio: @APOOCH:
Deandre Ayton does not feel valued by the Suns.
After another postseason failure, the tension is mounting as Phoenix’s former # 1 pick is entering restricted free agency without an extension offer.
More for: @FOS: 👇:… – 3:12 PM:

Gerald Bourguet: @GeraldBourguet:
On the reasons Deandre Ayton’s future in Phoenix feels so murky, the potential outcomes of his restricted free agency, and why the Suns cannot compound their 2018 draft decision by getting this one wrong: – 3:09 PM:

Duane Rankin: @DuaneRankin:
Detroit: #Pistons:Orlando: #Magic: and San Antonio: #Spurs: lead odds race to land Phoenix #Suns big Deandre Ayton (w / video) # NBAPlayoffs2022 #NBAPlayoffs… via @azcentral:3:05 PM:

Rod Beard: @detnewsRodBeard:
#Pistons top the odds on Deandre Ayton’s next team, if it’s not the #Suns, from @betonline_ag PM:

Gerald Bourguet: @GeraldBourguet:
Phoenix’s appalling Game 7 loss to Luka Doncic cast their first Deandre Ayton decision in a bad light, and it put more pressure on their next one. For @PHNX_Suns, I wrote about DA’s restricted free agency, potential options and what the Suns should do: AM:

Kurt Helin: @basketballtalk:
Is Deandre Ayton a max player? He probably is going to get paid like one… – 8:50 PM:

Duane Rankin: @DuaneRankin:
Phoenix: #Suns:: Monty Williams says he and Deandre Ayton haven’t talked 1-on-1 since ‘internal’ Game 7: #NBAPlayoffs:… via: @azcentral:5:32 PM:

The Ringer: @ringernba:
“That was savagery on a whole other level.”
@Logan Murdock: and @ Bell19Raja revisit the moment from Game 7 when Luka cooked Deandre Ayton: PM:

Duane Rankin: @DuaneRankin:
#Suns: coach Monty Williams said “Deandre’s situation is something we’ll deal with in the summer” when asked if Ayton is part of their long-term future. #NBAPlayoffs:2022: #NBAPlayoffs:2:46 PM:

Duane Rankin: @DuaneRankin:
Monty Williams stuck to the ‘internal’ stance on what happened to him and Deandre Ayton in Game 7, but said he hasn’t talked to Ayton 1-on-1 since the game.
Said he’s talked the team, but he also said he made a decision not to put Ayton back in as game got out of hand. #Suns:2:39 PM:

Kellan Olson: @KellanOlson:
Monty Williams said he and Deandre Ayton have not spoken in a 1-on-1 fashion since he took him out of the game last night. Williams addressed the team as a whole today. – 2:37 PM:

Gerald Bourguet: @GeraldBourguet:
Monty Williams said he and Deandre Ayton did not talk about what happened after Game 7. He talked to the team today, but not DA personally – 2:35 PM:

Zach Lowe: @ZachLowe_NBA:
Lowe Post podcast: @Kevin Arnovitz: on the Mavs humiliating the Suns, CP3 and Booker’s G7 duds, LUKA, what’s next for Phoenix, fake Ayton trades, and Warriors-Mavs deep dive preview. Then: @Brian Scalabrine: on BOS outlasting Giannis, Heat-Celtics preview:
Apple: – 2:01 PM:

Duane Rankin: @DuaneRankin:
Questions about Deandre Ayton’s ‘character’ and ‘attitude’ prevented rookie max extension, says JJ Redick #Suns: #NBAPlayoffs:2022: #NBAPlayoffs:… via: @azcentral:1:50 PM:

Duane Rankin: @DuaneRankin:
“Ayton’s fantastic.” JJ Redick.
“He’s OK.” Patrick Beverley.
The start of a debate between those two about Deandre Ayton. #Suns # NBAPlayoffs2022 #Mavs: AM:

Duane Rankin: @DuaneRankin:
5 takeaways from Phoenix #Suns’ Game 7 flop vs. Dallas #Mavericks with Deandre Ayton’s ‘internal,’ with Monty Williams Devin Booker missing and Chris Paul falling short again after being up 2-0 in series #NBAPlayoffs # NBAPlayoffs2022 #Mavs via @azcentral AM:

Tommy Beer: @TommyBeer:
Leaders in each statistical category in the Mavs-Suns series:
1. Luka Doncic: 228:
2. Devin Booker: 164:
1. Doncic: 49:
2. Chris Paul: 40:
1. Doncic: 69:
2. D. Ayton: 57:
1. Doncic: 15:
2. Mikal Bridges: 9:
1. Doncic: 22:
2. Crowder: 16 – 10:06 AM:

Quinton Mayo: @RealQuintonMayo:
/ Wizards fans:
Would you explore Deandre Ayton for Kristaps Porzingis? – 10:05 AM:

Lang Greene: @LangGreene:
Spencer Dinwiddie outscored Chris Paul, Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton (who were at home) combined in a Game 7. – 9:23 AM:

StatMuse: @status:
Luka in the Suns series:
– More points than Booker:
– More rebounds than Ayton:
– More assists than CP:
– More steals than Mikal: AM:

Kurt Helin: @basketballtalk:
Monty Williams on why Deandre Ayton only played 17 minutes: “It’s internal”… – 8:00 AM:

Nate Duncan: @NateDuncanNBA:
This was Deandre Ayton’s last defensive possession of the game that appeared to prompt Monty to sub him out for the final time. AM:

More on this storyline:

Do you believe that Deandre wants to be back with the Phoenix Suns? James Jones: I do. Deandre is a big part of what we do. That goes without saying. -via Arizona’s Sports Page / May 19, 2022:

“Had a great year, just one of those nights,” said O’Neal as Ayton finished in Sunday’s Game 7 against Dallas with a career playoff-low five points on 2-of-5 shooting. “Phoenix had a great year, just one of those nights. This is a classy organization. This is a classy team. Can’t say bad things about them. They played hard. Again, even great players have one of those nights. ” O’Neal, and fellow TNT NBA analysts Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley discussed Ayton’s future with the Suns after the top overall seed was eliminated by the Dallas Mavericks in Sunday’s Game 7 in Phoenix. “You’ve got to re-sign Ayton,” Barkley said. -via Arizona Republic / May 19, 2022:

“(McGee) played well, he was a great addition to the team, but it all hinges on Deandre Ayton,” Barkley said. “It’s him and Booker. They are the guys going forward. Chris is going to be 38 (years old). He’s going to get the ball to the right person, but it’s time for Booker and Ayton. You can not have a bad game like they did. Chris, he had a tough night, but Ayton and Booker, they’ve got to play well. ” -via Arizona Republic / May 19, 2022:

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