We are not scared, we do not fear the Warriors:

Gary Washburn: Jaylen Brown “We are not scared. We do not fear the Golden State #Warriors. ” #Celtics # NBAFinals2022:
Source: Twitter @GwashburnGlobe:

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Gary Washburn: @GwashburnGlobe:
Jaylen Brown said he already read: @WCRhoden:‘s “Forty Million Dollar Slaves” while in high school, and had no idea he was talking to Rhoden today until Rhoden gave him an autographed copy of the book. #Celtics: #Warriors: # NBAFinals2022:2:02 PM:

Tim Bontemps: @TimBontemps:
Jaylen Brown came to the podium with a signed copy of: @WCRhoden:‘s book, “Forty Million Dollar Slaves.” Said he met Rhoden today and sheepishly said he did not realize who he was talking to at first, having read the book in high school. Said it’s already a good day as a result. – 2:01 PM:

Gary Washburn: @GwashburnGlobe:
Jaylen Brown said he already read: @BROSpod:‘s “40 Million Dollar Slaves” while in high school, and had no idea he was talking to Rhoden today until Rhoden gave him an autographed copy of the book. #Celtics: #Warriors: # NBAFinals2022:2:01 PM:

Gary Washburn: @GwashburnGlobe:
Jaylen Brown “We are not scared. We do not fear the Golden State: #Warriors:. ” #Celtics: # NBAFinals2022:1:58 PM:

Gary Washburn: @GwashburnGlobe:
Jaylen Brown said the team met today and the importance of Game 6 was emphasized. “We have all the motivation in the world,” he said. #Celtics: #Warriors: # NBAFinals2022:1:56 PM:

Brian Robb: @BrianTRobb:
Jaylen Brown: “We’ve learned so much throughout this process.” – 1:55 PM:

Brian Robb: @BrianTRobb:
Jaylen Brown: “We know what’s at stake. All the motivation in the world (for Game 6). Leave it all out there. ” – 1:54 PM:

Michael Pina: @MichaelVPina:
For today @SInow Daily Cover, I talked to Jaylen Brown about Jaylen Brown: https://t.co/7Km5kDRUdh: pic.twitter.com/vtAruRawJx:1:42 PM:

Michael Pina: @MichaelVPina:
“They said I should not be paid. They said I should be traded. It’s nothing new to me. I think I’m one of the best players in the world… People may not think so, but that’s just my mindset. “
I talked to Jaylen Brown about his long road to the NBA Finals: si.com/nba/2022/06/15… – 9:55 AM:

Steve Bulpett: @SteveBHoop:
Jayson Tatum averaging 40.9 minutes in this series (42.8 in last 3 games), 41.0 in playoffs. He’s shooting 23.8 pct in 4th quarter in Finals.
Jaylen Brown averaging 41.1 mins in last 3.
Guessing when the series is over, each will go to bed and set his alarm clock for August. – 11:18 AM:

Justin Kubatko: @jkubatko:
Three players attempted five or more 3P without a make last night:
❌ Stephen Curry, 0-9:
❌ Andrew Wiggins, 0-6:
❌ Jaylen Brown, 0-5:
It’s the first time in NBA Finals history there have been three such players in a game, and just the third time in NBA postseason history. pic.twitter.com/W91sJAQqz7:10:46 AM:

StatMuse: @status:
Jaylen Brown is shooting 1-14 from three when guarded by Draymond Green. pic.twitter.com/kDHw21EJwo:10:17 AM:

Jared Weiss: @JaredWeissNBA:
“They did not want me to shoot the ball, so I said fuck it.”
Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown tried to force their way through the Warriors fourth quarter defense to no avail. As the Celtics offense stagnated again, they now face Finals elimination.
theathletic.com/3364094/2022/0… – 3:43 AM:

Marcus Thompson: @ThompsonScribe:
Warriors are, collectively, 21 for 62 (33.9 percent) against Marcus Smart. That’s insane.
And they’re 20 for 56 against Jaylen Brown (35.7 percent).
Explains why they much prefer going at Derrick White, who they are 31 for 63 against (49.2 percent) – 3:39 AM:

Duane Rankin: @DuaneRankin:
4th quarter Game 5: # NBAFinals2022::
Andrew Wiggins 5-of-6 FGs (finished game with 26 points)
#Celtics: 4-of-15 FGs (Jayson Tatum 1-of-5, Jaylen Brown 1-of-4)
#Warriors: up 3-2 after 104-94 win. Game 6 Thursday in Boston.
If Celtics win, decisive Game 7 Sunday in SF. #DubNation:. – 1:27 AM:

Jared Weiss: @JaredWeissNBA:
Jaylen Brown: “We were looking around, expecting somebody to bail us out. You just gotta be stronger, physical, more dominant. ” – 12:42 AM:

Tim Bontemps: @TimBontemps:
Jaylen Brown is confident Boston can turn things around, and play much better than they have the past two games. “I’m hoping the next two games we play Celtics basketball like I know we can.” – 12:40 AM:

Jared Weiss: @JaredWeissNBA:
Jaylen Brown: “All season long it’s been like us versus everybody. I look at it as no different now. My faith is higher than it has ever been before. ” – 12:38 AM:

Michael Pina: @MichaelVPina:
jaylen brown: “We dropped the ball, execution wise” – 12:36 AM:

Jared Weiss: @JaredWeissNBA:
Jaylen Brown: “Credit to Golden State, they made it tough on us, the intensity level. We dropped the ball execution-wise. We’ve got to be better and I’ve got to be better the next game. ” – 12:36 AM:

Jay King: @ByJayKing:
Jaylen Brown: “We dropped the ball execution-wise.” – 12:36 AM:

Chris Forsberg: @ChrisForsberg_
Jayson Tatum playoff minutes: 898 (will add 45 more tonight)
Next closest non-Celtics player: Klay Thompson, 711.
Jaylen Brown (832) and Al Horford (743) were Nos. 2 and 3 entering night. – 11:29 PM:

Kendra Andrews: @kendra__andrews:
Draymond Green fouls out after the failed Golden State challenge, but he finishes the night with eight points, eight rebounds, seven assists and a plus-13 net-rating. The Celtics shot 1-10 when Green was the contesting defender. Jaylen Brown went 1-6 with Green on him. – 11:28 PM:

Kyle Ratke: @Kyle_Ratke:
Jaylen Brown has to stop dipping his hands in butter before every game. – 11:11 PM:

Jared Weiss: @JaredWeissNBA:
Great drive and kick by Jaylen Brown leads to a wide-open Marcus Smart 3 and then Tatum finds Horford open on the next playing the same spot and the Celtics have pulled off the comeback. 19-4 run to open the half and they now lead 58-55. – 10:40 PM:

Ryan Blackburn: @NBABlackburn:
Jaylen Brown and Al Horford are apparently having a sabotage competition. – 10:39 PM:

Carl Steward: @stewardsfolly:
Jaylen Brown coming with hero ball after his brutal first half. – 10:28 PM:

Law Murray: @LawMurrayTheNU:
Jaylen Brown has as many turnovers as buckets… Al Horford still hasn’t been a consistent presence in the paint since Game 3
And Celtics bench must still be on the flight from New England – 10:19 PM:

Jared Weiss: @JaredWeissNBA:
Hard to figure out how Jaylen Brown scores when Draymond is in his area as the Warriors are getting hands on the ball while he’s holding it and then Draymond is shading him left so hard that the only counter is to bounce out and call for a clear out . – 10:17 PM:

Christos Tsaltas: @Tsaltas46:
Some note from the first half:
-Warriors defense is difference maker so far. Celtics shot 2/15 3P:
-Andrew Wiggins showed consistency:
-Jaylen Brown had struggles (2/10 FG)
-Gary Payton II is Warriors X-Factor. Again.
#NBAFinals:10:13 PM:

James Boyd: @RomeovilleKid:
Jaylen Brown can’t go left? Lol that’s crazy – 10:13 PM:

A. Sherrod Blakely: @ASherrodblakely:
At the half, the Warriors lead 51-39 over the: #Celtics:. Key takeaways…
* Boston 4-for-9 from the free-throw line.
* Draymond Green (8 pts) has twice as many points as Jaylen Brown (4 pts, 2/10 shooting)
* GSW 8-0 edge in fast-break points. – 10:12 PM:

Jeff Goodman: @GoodmanHoops:
Andrew Wiggins has been tremendous… and Jaylen Brown has been awful.
Huge key in the first half. – 10:12 PM:

Mark Murphy: @Murf56:
Rough half for Jaylen Brown – 4 points, 2-10, 2 turnovers, just general ineffectiveness – 10:11 PM:

Tom Westerholm: @Tom_NBA:
Jaylen Brown is 2-for-10 with 3 turnovers. – 10:11 PM:

James Boyd: @RomeovilleKid:
Jaylen Brown is in JAIL right now. – 10:08 PM:

Brian Robb: @BrianTRobb:
Probably the worst half of the postseason for Jaylen Brown. Just going up a lot without a good plan. – 10:08 PM:

Jay King: @ByJayKing:
Jaylen Brown has had a rough first half. Forcing shots at the rim. Making bad decisions. He has four points on 2-for-11 shooting with more turnovers (three) than assists (two). – 10:08 PM:

Micah Adams: @MicahAdams13:
Andrew Wiggins being the best player on the floor in an NBA Finals game featuring Stephen Curry, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Klay Thompson and Kevon Looney is very on brand for 2022. – 10:03 PM:

Jeff Zillgitt: @JeffZillgitt:
Jayson Tatum with no field goal attempts in his seven first-quarter minutes as he re-enters the game. Jaylen Brown 2-for-8; Celtics 4-for-17 from the field. – 9:29 PM:

Ky Carlin: @Ky_Carlin:
If the Celtics win this series, Jaylen Brown has to win Finals MVP, right? He’s been terrific in this series on both ends of the floor. – 9:23 PM:

James Edwards III: @JLEdwardsIII:
Can someone clip that Jaylen Brown miss? Draymond saw Klay with his back turned, eyes off Brown, and jumped Brown as he prepared to cut and forced him into an uncomfortable drive. That was great. – 9:22 PM:

Keith Smith: @KeithSmithNBA:
That’s the good aggressive stuff from Jaylen Brown there. – 9:22 PM:

Brian Robb: @BrianTRobb:
Rough start for Jaylen Brown. C’s offense still not showing much ball movement early. – 9:17 PM:

Keith Smith: @KeithSmithNBA:
Celtics starters for NBA Finals Game 5:
Robert Williams:
Al Horford:
Jayson Tatum:
Jaylen Brown:
Marcus Smart:
Warriors starters:
Draymond Green:
Otto Porter Jr.
Andrew Wiggins:
Klay Thompson:
Stephen Curry – 8:32 PM:

Matt Williams: @StatsWilliams:
Top scorers in 2022 NBA Finals:
Stephen Curry 34.3:
Jaylen Brown 22.3:
Jayson Tatum 22.3:
The last player to average 12 more points than anyone else in a NBA Finals was Kobe Bryant in 2009.
Bryant averaged 32.4 points and Pau Gasol was 2nd at 18.6. – 10:29 AM:

Brian Robb: @BrianTRobb:
Jaylen Brown on Game 5: “It is what it is. We know why we’re here. We know where we’re at. ” masslive.com/celtics/2022/0… – 9:04 PM:

Gary Washburn: @GwashburnGlobe:
Sunday practice. Jaylen Brown getting a little wisdom from asst coach Damon Stoudamire. #Celtics #Warriors # NBAFinals2022: pic.twitter.com/Ef4lU1OfF0:4:58 PM:

Keith Smith: @KeithSmithNBA:
Jaylen Brown: “I’ll take our group, our guys, versus anybody.” – 4:39 PM:

Melissa Rohlin: @melissarohlin:
Jaylen Brown on Steph Curry: pic.twitter.com/YewqLkSHAK:4:35 PM:

Keith Smith: @KeithSmithNBA:
Jaylen Brown: “Steph Curry is really good case in case you guys have not noticed.” – 4:34 PM:

Jay King: @ByJayKing:
Jaylen Brown: “Steph Curry is really good if you guys haven’t noticed.” – 4:34 PM:

Jay King: @ByJayKing:
Jaylen Brown: “At times we get a little disorganized in crunch time and get a little sped up.” – 4:33 PM:

Keith Smith: @KeithSmithNBA:
Ime Udoka said that the Celtics need consider more play-calls to get Jaylen Brown the ball late in games, so he does not end up stuck off-ball so much
Udoka also said the Celtics as a whole need to not stand around so much and that Brown can also demand the ball more some too. – 4:29 PM:

StatMuse: @status:
These are the five players who have taken the most * very tightly * contested shots this playoffs. Here are their FG%:
30.0% – Andrew Wiggins:
32.1% – Jayson Tatum:
38.7% – Jaylen Brown:
39.4% – Giannis Antetokounmpo:
52.0% – Steph Curry: pic.twitter.com/PJyMVhsIeh:4:22 PM:

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“We’re gonna get this in Boston. We’re gonna finish this in Boston, ”Kerr said. -via Clutch Points / June 14, 2022:

Michael Gallagher: Jayson Tatum’s FG% off drives for each playoff series: Nets: 29.2% (15.3 drives per game) Bucks: 48.8 (15.0) Heat: 42.3% (11.4) Warriors: 33.3% (15.8) Regular season: 48.8% (11.4) -via: Twitter @MikeSGallagher: / June 14, 2022:

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